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Server Location: BULGARIA

Dedicated ServerCPUCPU SpeedMemoryStorageBandwidthMonthly
Bulgaria BudgetIntel Xeon E3-1220 V33.5Ghz Turbo, 4 Cores, 4 Threads8GBDISK: 1x 2TB Disk DrivesUnmetered$60.00Order Now
Bulgaria 1Intel Xeon E3-1231 v33.8Ghz Turbo, 4 Cores, 8 Threads8GB To 32GBDISK: 2x Disk DrivesUnmetered$89.00Order Now
Bulgaria 2Intel Xeon E3-1240 v53.50GHz, 4 Core, 8 Thread8GB To 64GBDISK: 4x Disk DrivesUnmetered$109.00Order Now
Bulgaria 3Intel Xeon E3-1240 v63.70GHz, 4 Core, 8 Thread8GB To 64GBDISK: 4x Disk DrivesUnmetered$129.00Order Now
Bulgaria 42x Intel Xeon E5-2450L2.3 GHz Turbo, 16 Cores, 32 Threads16GB To 128GBDISK: 4x Disk DrivesUnmetered$169.00Order Now
Bulgaria 52x Intel Xeon E5-2440 v21.90GHz, 16 Cores, 32 Threads16GB to 128GBDISK: 4x Disk DrivesUnmetered$225.00Order Now
Bulgaria 62x Intel Xeon E5-2620 v42.10GHz, 16 Core, 32 Thread16GB To 256GBDISK: 4x Disk DrivesUnmetered$250.00Order Now

Server Location: NETHERLAND

Dedicated ServerCPUCPU SpeedMemoryStorageBandwidthMonthly
Netherland 1Core i3-71002×3.9GHz 16GBDISK: 500GB SATAUnmetered$120.00Order Now
Netherland 2E3-12304×3.2GHz16GBDISK: 2x 500 GB SATAUnmetered$135.00Order Now
Netherland 3E3-12304×3.2GHz32GBDISK: 2 x 1TB SATAUnmetered$150.00Order Now
Netherland 4E3-12704×3.4GHz16GBDISK: 2x 1TB SATAUnmetered$160.00Order Now
Netherland 5E5-16506×3.2GHz32GBDISK: 2x 1TB SATAUnmetered$190.00Order Now
Netherland 62xXeon E5-263012×2.3GHz32GBDISK: 2 x 480GB SSDUnmetered$270.00Order Now
Netherland 72xXeon E564512×2.4GHz32GBDISK: 4x 1TB SATAUnmetered$210.00Order Now
Netherland 82xXeon E564512×2.4GHz64GBDISK: 4 x 3TB SATAUnmetered$275.00Order Now
Netherland 92xXeon E5-2620v212×2.1GHz32GBDISK: 4x 3TB SATAUnmetered$240.00Order Now
Netherland 102xXeon E5-2630v316×2.6GHz32GBDISK: 4 x 3TB SATAUnmetered$289.00Order Now

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All these Features, all to yourself.

Maximum Performance

Our servers are equipped with the latest hardware to provide maximum performance.

World-Class Support

Our experienced support team is always available to help you out in the time of need.

Root Access

You will be provided with Full Root access to the server so that you can manage your server.

Tier III Datacenter

Our servers are located in Telepoint Data Center, which is one of the best telecommunication company in Bulgaria

Server Hardware

Our servers are designed to provide high performance to ensure a reliable service with no failure rate.

Our Optimized Network

We have designed our network infrastructure with redundant fiber optic connections to give our customers a reliable and secure internet connection.

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